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This project focuses on creating an Interactive Gallery for a planned DAO. The Interactive Gallery’s main goal is to provoke thought in the audience by showcasing digital interactive art that allows DAO members to share their insights on AI art by means of artistic interventions. A key aspect of this project is to explore how AI intersects with art creation. We expect that designing this Interactive Gallery will help guide the ethical use of AI in generating art. The research approach is Practice as Research, where we concentrate on how the audience interacts with digital artworks. This will help us understand the differences between AI-generated art and art created by humans. Additionally, we will use the Think Aloud Protocol to gather user feedback during their interaction with the artworks.

The Interactive Gallery is envisioned as a mechanism with a dual purpose: first, as a critical artistic intervention that engages the audience in a dialogue about the nature of creativity in the age of artificial intelligence; and second, as a platform for artists who wish to explore the boundaries between AI and human creativity in the age of AI. This project will serve as a prototype for this design concept to be demonstrated in the form of an interactive design. The first part is a number of poems created by AI and humans, narrated to the audience by digital characters. After this leading discussion comes the second part of the interactive digital artwork. By dynamically responding to the user's gestures, the displayed artwork is altered in a way that reveals its origin (AI or human). When a participant interacts with a work generated entirely by AI, it disintegrates into particles, symbolizing the fluid and deconstructive nature of AI creativity. Conversely, when the artwork is created with human participation, the interaction transforms it into different artistic styles, which represents the diversity and constant evolution of human artistic expression.

The Hub, London, 2023