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This project explores the power of art creators in the age of AI by designing an Interactive Gallery as an element for an envisaged DAO that discusses the boundaries between AI and human creativity. The design provides users with an enhanced interactive experience that reveals the origins of the artwork through interaction, with AI-generated artwork disintegrating into particles and human-created artwork changing styles over the course of the interaction. As a gallery component of DAOs, it emphasizes the fluid and deconstructive nature of AI-generated art, rethinking the role of the art creator in the creation of art and focusing on the role of the viewer. In this case, it is the collective audience in DAOs.

"Behold the canvas where no human hand has tread, in the realm of ones and zeroes, art's new bed. Here, creations of the mindless forge ahead, reflections of a world both feared and led."


"In the neon nights where future and past collide, witness art born from the digital divide. It speaks in silent tongues, a synthetic guide, mirroring our souls in a technological stride."


"Through the echoing corridors of time's vast hall, see the art that needs no human call. Born from circuits, it rises and falls, a testament to a future that beckons us all."


"In the hushed glow of the city's artificial dawn, observe the new renaissance being drawn. By minds not of flesh, but of silicon brawn, crafting beauty in bytes, a new age spawned."


"Gaze upon the works of a mind not alive, where creativity seems to autonomously thrive. In these expressions, do you recognize a drive that mirrors your own artistic hive?"


"Amidst the rain-slick streets of a world unseen, find the art where man has never been. In its lines, do you feel a kin, or does it whisper of places you've never been?"


"In this brave new era, where art takes a new form, see how norms are broken, redefined, and torn. In the AI's creation, is there something warm, or a chilling prelude to a technological storm?"


"As the blade runner hunts for what lies beneath, encounter art that makes no heath. It's a silent world where algorithms breathe, crafting visions that no human could bequeath."

The Hub, London, 2023